Foods to try on your Hawaii Vacation

If you’re traveling to Hawaii in the near future and don’t know what know what foods you must try………. you’re in luck!! On today’s podcast I go over my top 10 foods you should try on your Hawaii vacation.  From Loco Moco to Malasada’s I cover all the favorite Hawaiian foods that can be found on any one of the Hawaiian Islands. Some I’m sure you’ve heard about and others you may be reluctant to sample but either way,  I’m sure you’ll be hungry for Hawaii even more after the show. I share some of my favorites,  but there is so much more to savor and taste when you come here, so this is just the begining!

Hawaii has an eclectic mix of flavors which you’re sure to enjoy!  What’s interesting about the food from Hawaii is that a lot of them are fusions from other countries.  Each culture brings it’s own flavors and tastes. While they may not be native to Hawaii,  they are certainly part of the culture and the food experience if you’re going to be visiting here.  If you are reluctant to try them don’t be! Put your food bias aside and try some new favor.

If I missed a food that your curious about please share it with me here and also visit our website Hawaii Aloha Travel  for more information about Hawaii and also it’s food and fun.