Fun Shows in Hawaii

It’s not all about luaus and hula when it comes to entertainment in Hawaii. There’s a long list of staged productions on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Kauai that feature song and dance, comedy, acrobatics, and magic; all of the kinds of things you’d expect in a Las Vegas showroom.

Of course, themes of Hawaiiana are going to feature in just about any staged production catering to Hawaii visitors. But the level of sophistication and worldliness in a lot of Hawaii’s showrooms far exceed the limits of the grass skirts and palm trees trope.

So beyond the dozens of industrially catered, plastic leis luaus that are common all over the state, there are some very popular Las Vegas and Broadway type shows visitors can choose from to enjoy big production entertainment. All of these venues have spent millions on their showrooms, lighting and sound, and everything else that goes into blockbuster live entertainment.

This is Hawaii, so elements of Hawaii’s history and culture are going to color any major showroom production, but there are some really great options right here that would deliver world-class entertainment in any showroom anywhere.