The Best of Hawaii

Today we’ll be talking about the recently released Hawaii’s Best 2014, which is an annual celebration hosted by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. This people’s choice award is a list of the top voted best restaurants, bars, retail shops, activities, health & beauty care, neighborhood hangouts and more. With 144 categories, there’s obviously too much to go over in this short podcast, so we’ll narrow it down to the relevant stuff for Hawaii vacationers.

We have some intriguing news topics to discuss on todays show too,  including the recent announcement from TSA about ‘power on’ requirements. We’ll also let you in on a couple new developments in the entertainment industry, such as Hawaii’s newest movie theatre and Mililani’s newest bakery, plus we’re divulging the top five best nude beaches in Hawaii. Despite nude sunbathing being prohibited in the Aloha state, it doesn’t hurt to know where you can be left alone to enjoy your birthday suit during vacation. Also listen about Larry Ellison’s newest plan for Lanai, which we like because it has to do with food and wine, and find out where Hawaiian Airlines ranks in the airline industry.