Do you read your Hawaii travel documents?

Let me begin by first stating that the customer is always right. I like to subscribe to this philosophy because it’s a good attitude to maintain when providing a service for people. It’s important to keep clients happy and I usually go out of my way to make this happen. Happy customers equals a healthy business.

As travel agents, we have a certain amount of responsibility to fulfill. From booking flights and hotel accommodations to making sure clients have proper directions and know their options for activities, we strive to achieve these things. That being said, there are certain responsibilities the customers have as well. One of the most important things is actually reading through your travel documents!

While this may seem petty, believe me when I say that much of the agent/client miscommunications happen because a client has not reviewed their documents. Customers cannot expect their travel agents to take care of client responsibilities. But if a client doesn’t know what their responsibilities are, then it makes for a messy situation.

More often than not, the travel documents that your agent sends you contain very important information. Like the flight itinerary, activity bookings, requirements and special notes that may pertain to you. These documents usually have important information that you need to follow up on as a consumer.

Here at Hawaii Aloha Travel, we’re very good about documentation. We make sure our literature is easy to understand, thorough and complete, making it simple for clients to understand what is expected of them. You might not always get a travel company that is as good as us in this department, which is why you should always read through your travel documents. You never know what could be hiding in there!

I don’t know if many customers realize how much is involved with building a reservation and itinerary. You may think it’s as easy as clicking a button for travel agents, but really, there are a series of events that go on behind the scenes to make these things happen. A lot of human beings are involved in the process, and if we deliver on OUR part, we expect the same from you.

Whether you book with us or not, at the end of the day you have a handful of literature that pertains to your vacation. Keep it with you and on hand during the trip and make sure you and one other person read through it. It’s a good idea to have two adults understand the expectations and responsibilities from your travel company because, well, two heads are better than one.