Common questions answered from Facebook friends

Facebook Friends Questions Answered

Today we’ll be answering some questions that a few of our social media friends have asked us. We get inquiries coming in from all over the world, from the folks looking to discover Hawaii for their first time. But not just any version of Hawaii. These worldly travelers are looking to experience ‘real’ Hawaii, and they come to us for answers!

Today we’ll answer this particular question- which island to explore if you’re trying to experience ‘real’ Hawaii. Also, we’ll tell you how to pack for your Hawaii cruise, and we’ve got more you too.

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Things to Say No to on your Hawaiian Vacation

When you’re on vacation, anything goes, right? Spontaneity, indulgence and ‘yeses’ happen with a shrug of the shoulders and a ‘why not, I’m on vacation’ motto. And this is a great attitude… for most things. Like trying new foods, stepping outside of your comfort zone or splurging on a unique souvenir. Vacations are all about enjoyment and relaxation, so it’s okay to be spontaneous and indulgent in some areas. But in others, sometimes it’s best to just say no.

This seems like a hard thing to fathom when you’re in a free state of mind and feeling relaxed. But I’m going to give you a few tips on the things you should say no to during your Hawaii vacation. And it’s not that extra cocktail or the hotel room upgrade. I’m talking about the wasteful stuff.

First off, I recommend saying no to free orientations of any kind. Most commonly you’ll find these disguised as a free breakfast. They lure vacationers in with a free meal and then hold them hostage to their sales pitch for upselling on an activity. Most times the activities they’re trying to upsell aren’t even the fun or worthwhile ones. They’re the ones that benefit the sales company the most, and not the vacationer. These pitches are usually not created with the customers’ best interests in mind. Just saying, it’s all about making them more money, not helping you maximize your vacation.

Next, feel free to say no to the pushy sales people at the car rental companies. They make you feel like you’re making the worst decision of your life when you politely decline their insurance policy! Yeah, it’s a good idea to get insurance if you’re worried about it, but most times it’s unnecessary. Especially any kind of additional insurance they try to tack on and sell you.

Also, if you ever hear a car rental company sales rep try to tell you that a mainland GPS won’t work in Hawaii, don’t buy their baloney! I’ve heard of this happening before, so keep your wits about you when it comes to these over eager sales people.

My next mention goes along the same theme as saying no to free orientations, but this one is such a huge time sucker that I’m giving it a category all of its own. Say no to timeshare spiels! That is, unless you’re really looking to purchase a timeshare in Hawaii during your vacation. But honestly, these things take up almost an entire day. Once you go through the introduction, explanation, tour and then intense high pressure to purchase something, it’s a full day wasted of your coveted vacation! Don’t let a day of relaxation slip by, even if the catch is a free snorkel cruise.

Lastly, it’s okay to say no to too much food. I know it’s hard, especially when on vacation, but over eating doesn’t have to be the norm during your trip to Hawaii. And neither does fast food or chain restaurants. You might feel the tempting urge to pull into a drive-thru McDonald’s or Taco Bell for that comforting burger, but I highly recommend you try something different first.

Explore past your comfort zone! The local food in Hawaii is excellent, especially if you find an authentic plate lunch spot or food truck. (If you need any recommendations just call us at 1-800-843-8771 and we’d be happy to help!)