Best Pools in Hawaii

One of the most common questions I’m asked on a regular basis is about pools in Hawaii, specificlly where are the best pools in Hawaii?  Usually folks ask one of two things; what hotel has the most kid friendly pool? Or what hotel has the most private of adult pools in Hawaii. It’s either one extreme or the other.

While there are many hotels that do have areas that separate adults from children, Hawaii is a family destination so it’s very hard to look for exclusive separation. After visiting many of the resorts here in Hawaii I can say for the most part. So are pretty good about keeping their kids in line when there are adults around. I also think that there’s nothing wrong with politely telling parents if their kids are getting a little too rambunctious. On Oahu your choices for pools are very limited because many of the hotels are in Waikiki and have limited space, so pools have never been a priority for these hotels. And after all, you’ve got the beach so who needs a pool anyway!

That being said today I’ve compiled my list of the best pools in Hawaii. Keep in mind that the scars of pools are pretty much reserved for higher and resorts. If you’re planning on staying in a condo or a smaller budget property, you won’t have the luxury of any kind of separation. The real question you need to ask yourself is whether or not this needs to be part of your Hawaii vacation and then take it from there.