What’s a Plate Lunch?

Today it’s all about Plate Lunches in Hawaii, something you just have to try on your Hawaii Vacation!

Food seems to always be a focal point during vacations. Whether that’s because it doubles as a social time with friends and family or because vacations represent freedom from a normal schedule (like that low carb diet or a no alcohol stint), food, meals and eating are a big part of a vacation. And we like it that way!

One of the meals that visitors are always eager to experience is the local favorite: plate lunch. Fresh fish, sticky rice and mac salad perfectly portioned within the classic white Styrofoam take-out container. This type of meal is comfort food at its finest for us Islanders, and it’s no surprise that tourists want to sample the flavors as soon as they arrive. There is a variety of different plate lunches however, so if you have something in mind that you feel epitomizes a Hawaii plate lunch, be sure to seek this version out instead of settling on whatever the closest lunch shack serves. I guarantee it’ll be worth it!