5 Mistakes people make when planning a Hawaii Vacation

We have a great show for you today, our main topic; 5 Mistakes people make when planning a Hawaii Vacation. I often give advice on planning and what to do in the islands so today I thought I’d focus on some of the things you can do to insure you have a great trip here in the islands.

The weather over the last few days has been strange. One day we’ll have nice trade winds and the next day it’s still as can be, making for very HOT sticky weather conditions. Not sure when this weather pattern will let up, but the trades have defiantly been a lot less this year over previous years.

I’ll also bring you up to date on some news from Hawaii. First off, the waves on the North shore are going off!! We’re expecting waves of more than 25 feet over the next few days which will undoubtedly draws thousands of people to the North Shore.

Also we’ll tell you about a unfortunate situation in Waikiki, panhandling and why some are concerned. Additionally, We have some news about where the Presidential library will be once president Obama’s term is concluded, apparently Honolulu has competition.

Finally we’ll round out the news with a Story about something Rock n Roll fans will love, especially fans of Kiss.

I sure would love to hear from you guys, if you have a question or comment, please leave it here or email me at bruce@hawaii-aloha.com