Stuff to Do Over the Holidays in Hawaii

Many people choose to spend their holidays in Hawaii because it’s an ideal time to take a vacation from the mainland, and it also offers a slice of relaxation during the stressful holiday season. Hawaii offers travelers tropical respite from the chilly weather, beach time, plus a sense of relief. But many vacationers get to Hawaii and suddenly find themselves in a quandary. What is there to do in Hawaii during the holidays? Which restaurant will be open for a Christmas Eve meal? Can you get some shopping done on New Year’s Day?

These questions are popular among holiday travelers to Hawaii, and I’m here today to help answer them! I’m giving you a guide on what to expect when you’re here in Hawaii for the holidays so you can maximize your vacation in the Islands.

If you’re hotel accommodations don’t accommodate for cooking, then chances are you’re dining out for Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Year’s. While it may be the case that many boutiques and shops are closed for these days, you’d be surprised to find out how many restaurants actually remain open!