Discover Hawaii Like a Local

Our main topic for today’s podcast is how to successfully book Hawaii activities. Don’t just book based on popular belief. Many of those recommendations are actually outdated and irrelevant. We want to make sure you have the best vacation possible, which is why we’re letting you in on the secrets to Hawaii Aloha Travel’s activity booking success, and what makes us the best when it comes to unique adventures in Hawaii!

I always like starting out these podcasts with a weather update. It seems like a good way to illustrate to our listeners what’s going on in Hawaii. And with the news topics as part of the podcast too, it’s like your own personal weekly publication on Hawaii happs! The weather in Hawaii has been (don’t judge me) cold. But keep in mind us locals have acclimated to tropical weather, so 60’s is a major temperature drop from our normal 80’s! In fact, record low temperatures were recorded in Honolulu, Lihue and Kahului airports on Tuesday 11/12 and Wednesday 11/13.

The 64-degree temperature in Honolulu broke the old record of 65 degrees for the date set in 1950. Lihue Airport recorded 61 degrees, tying a record also set on November 13, 1950. Interesting little update. But we’ll stop complaining now.