Hawaii Group Travel Tips

A getaway to Hawaii isn’t always just for a honeymoon, family vacation or special occasion, it can also be a place for business, meetings or corporate events. In this instance, we like to think Hawaii is the premiere location for group travel, not only because it provides companies with meeting space opportunities and group strengthening activities, but also because we can offer suck great rates on this type of travel. Hawaii Aloha specializes in planning successful and unforgettable group trips to all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Because planning a group trip can be time-consuming and stressful, Hawaii Aloha offers specialty and personal services in this precise area of travel. We make the planning easy! And the best part of booking your group trip through us is we can get the best prices on airfare, accommodations and activities for your group- not to mention we beat the competition.

There is a flip side to group travel however. Is booking a vacation as a ‘group trip’ always the best way to save money? Not necessarily. Traveling in a group of 20+ people will often times grant you the most discounts and amenities. However, group airfare is still recommended for 15+ people. But if the number of travelers drops below 12, we don’t suggest booking airfare together. Unfortunately there is no price advantage with a group of less than 12 people. So as a rule of thumb, for group travel bookings, the more the merrier and the more you save!

From choosing your island destination to finding the best hotel rates to booking the most successful group activities, Hawaii Aloha Travel can provide nearly everything that’s involved in your group travel trip. Does a team building canoe ride sound like a good way to introduce coworkers to one another? Or how about a private luau to impress clients? We can also book meeting and convention space at resorts for an impressive impression. Whatever your group travel purpose is, we can plan it successfully!

Also, if you’re stumped on which island to visit for your trip, let us give you these recommendations. Oahu is our first choice and Maui is our second. Oahu has more restaurants, activities, hotels and accommodations and meeting spaces than any other island, and it tends to be more cost effective. Hawaii’s largest city and the capitol are located on Oahu and is a well-known area for visitors to have daytime and nighttime fun. Maui provides similar amenities but with less options, only because Honolulu (on Oahu) is the business hub of Hawaii. Maui is equal in beauty and high-end resorts however, so it really is a choice based on preference.

To get you started on your group travel, here are a few more rules-of-thumb to follow:

  • Create a budget:

    Anyone participating in this group travel needs to know the financial expectations. Unless of course, the boss plans on expensing the entire trip! But it’s a good idea to know what the budget is for the trip and the members included, so you have a starting point for things like where to stay, how long the trip will last and what type of activities will be part of the vacation. If you’re on a tighter budget, you might want to consider saving on a resort so you can maximize team building activities. Or vice versa. Especially if meeting space is more important than activities. Food is also another aspect to plan for during the detail hammering of a group trip. It’s something that tends to get overlooked, but often times costs the most money.

  • Book in advance:

    We recommend booking at least one year in advance. Which means the planning needs to happen even earlier. Booking airfare and accommodations ahead of time is the best way to save money on group travel. Most airlines and hotels require a small deposit for group travelers, refundable up to a certain point. Planning well in advance makes it easier not only for you, but also for your travel company, airline, hotel and activity management as well.

  • Appoint a leader:

    Large groups tend to work more efficiently when there is an appointed leader. Usually there is a natural leader that emerges, but we recommend appointing one ahead of time to help with all the planning details for other members. Questions on budget, accommodations, time frames and expectations will typically fall in the leader’s lap, so this person needs to be organized, responsible and a good communicator. The team leader is also responsible for creating a name list of the travelers, emergency contact and other important information for each member.

  • Register with a local travel company:

    Again, this is the most efficient way to save money on group travel. Because of our local knowledge and connections, Hawaii Aloha Travel can get the best group rates available. Plus our agents like to get creative when planning a group trip and can help with any and every aspect of the vacation. We make your job easier in a number of ways; group members can register directly through us, we provide dedicated toll free numbers for your event, and also personalized interactive websites for your guests to make the planning and follow-through simple. Easy, personal and inexpensive, consider booking your next group travel with us!