Little Known Facts About Hawaii

Our main topic of the day will be enlightening you on some of Hawaii’s most interesting and lesser-known facts. We learned a lot putting together this one for you and think you’ll really enjoy it too! You’ll learn why Honolulu is the largest city in the world, what two mammals are the only native ones to the state and what invention was seen in the Iolani Palace before the White House. All the tidbits that make the Aloha State so unique! Tune into this podcast for some fascinating facts on Hawaii!

We’ve evaded yet another tropical storm this past week! Which is not only good news for residents and visitors alike, but for the fans of Hawaii Five-0’s Sunset on the Beach. And if you didn’t know already, we had a crazy busy week with H50 fans, creating events, parties and tours leading up to SOTB- it was amazing! Although we didn’t get hit with a storm, we are expecting more rain soon, an appropriate way to welcome everyone to fall I guess. Did you know fall equinox was September 21st? Thankfully we don’t ever have to worry about Hawaii’s temperature dropping too low, but for some locals, a sweater and scarf may serve more than just a fashion statement.

We’ve got a ton of news topics for you today, from the newly renovated Pacific Hall exhibit in the beautiful Bishop Museum to the new and highly anticipated SPAM flavor. If you had one guess, what do you think this new SPAM flavor would be? Or find out on today’s podcast show! We’ll also tell you about Mokulele’s new expanded services between Maui and Big Island and give you more in the food department. Ever heard of cronuts? Yeah, we hadn’t either. But we can’t wait to taste one either!

Continuing on with more news we’ve got an update on the fast approaching Honolulu International Film Festival, which is good news for vacationers traveling to Oahu, Big Island and/or Kauai. And did you hear about the molasses spill in Honolulu? Sounds like Matson is under major investigation, so find out more about this on the show. Lastly we’ll tell you about Lanai owner Larry Ellison’s newest gain- shout out to Oracle Team USA!