Try not to Overindulge on your Hawaii Vacation!

On today’s show we’ve got a variety of news topics that are sure to pique your interest. Instead of starting with the weather, we’ll just jump right into a wrap-up on Flossie and this tropical storm’s effect on the island chain. We’ll also let you know how likely it is to encounter a tropical storm or hurricane when you’re visiting the islands. Next you’ll hear why Tuesdays in Waikiki just got more exciting and what the Hilton Hawaii Village has to do with it. Also, coming up this September is the annual Aloha Festivals, which is celebrating its 67th year with a float parade, a block party and more! Lastly we’ll go over the newest addition to NCL’s fleet of cruise ships, so if you’re planning a Hawaii cruise anytime soon, be sure to listen to this new news!

Our topic of the day is about overeating while on vacation and how to overcome it. For some a vacation is a time to let loose and indulge, but for others, watching their food consumption might be on their mind. We’ve got a handful of tips for you to try during your vacation, so you can return home feeling refreshed, invigorated and healthy!