Getting Overwhelmed by all the Choices for a Hawaii Honeymoon

The Hawaii Vacation Connection has now moved to Mondays! I decided to move the show to put more space between this podcast and our Lucky We Live Hawaii show which airs every Thursday. This gives me the opportunity to prepare a little more and let you know what’s happening here over the weekend.

On Today’s show we hear from a Facebook friend and also a long time customer/podcast listener about questions they have about their upcoming trips to Hawaii.

Katie Is planning her honeymoon to Maui and is getting a little overwhelmed now that she’s discovered how many things there are to do when she gets here to paradise. She just may be getting a little over ambitious so I offer her some suggestions to add or subtract to her itinerary.

We also hear from Perry who has made several trips to Hawaii using our company but is now bringing his entire family. If you are a listener to the show you know that I’m an advocate for advanced planning and that’s exactly what Perry is doing now that he has decided to bring his whole clan. We offer up some ideas of what he should be thinking about to start the planning process As he puts together this exciting adventure for his family.

Finally, I go over some ideas about the various Watersports that are available when taking a Hawaii vacation. Hawaii is notorious for its year-round warm ocean and it’s exciting watersports that enhance a vacation. Whether you’re an avid scuba diver a beginning surfer or someone just looking to snorkel the Reefs of the islands, Hawaii’s one of the top spots for water sports activities.