Making A Return Vacation To Hawaii

It’s summer, but it still doesn’t quite feel like summer here on Oahu. Okay we might be spoiled since the temperatures HAVE been in the low 80’s, but we’ve got this cloud coverage that just won’t seem to go away. I’m still waiting for one of those cloudless Hawaii days where the ocean is so clear you can see the reef beneath the surface. Anyone else waiting for this type of weather to really feel like we’ve hit the summer months? One good thing about the intermittent cloud coverage though is it relieves beach goers from the intense summer heat. Thanks nature!

Also on today’s show we talk about safety while you’re here in the islands. Lately we’ve been having higher than normal ocean related accidents, so it’s a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and recognize any amount of threat to your safety. These accidents may be due to the large ocean swells pushing through Waikiki, but it also might be related to beach goers’ naivety when it comes to the power of the ocean. A good way to remember how to take beach precautions is the acronym SOAK. While we could tell you what these letters stand for here, tune into our podcast for the whole story!

Are you a movie buff? Then you’ll be excited to hear that Honolulu will be the new backdrop for Godzilla, with filming beginning next month in July. And Oahu locals and vacationers will most likely see some bits of the production happening while strolling the streets of downtown. Hawaii film commissioner Donne Dawson says, “they’ll be filming in some very public places, the public will have no problem observing filming activity. It is not going to be hidden away in the jungle.” Does this mean there’s a good chance we’ll land a cameo in this movie?

And finally our main topic for the show, planning a return trip to Hawaii. Just because you’ve been to the islands five or ten times doesn’t mean there isn’t a thing or two you could still learn! With such diverse islands and so much to see and do, it’s a good idea to plan your return visit to Hawaii through a local travel company. Heck, there’s still plenty I HAVEN’T EVEN DONE, and I’ve lived here for twenty years! Listen in as we tell you how to maximize your return trip back to the islands.