My Top Hawaii Museum Picks

The weather in Hawaii lately has been quite bipolar. We’ve had heavy rainstorms followed by thick vog followed by sunny skies and no trades. Ask any local, it’s been a hot summer so far, and we’ve only just made it to June! Earlier this week Star Advertiser published an article on the tradewinds and how they are declining. Experts say this drop will slowly change life across the islands, yet the culprit behind this shift in winds remains unclear. Locals are beginning to notice this change, but how can we prepare for it and more importantly, how can we postpone it from happening?

Another news topic relevant for those living and vacationing in Hawaii is one regarding sunscreen usage. A new study found that daily use of sunscreen actually prevents and slows the inevitable wrinkled, sagging skin. The study involved 900 white people in Australia, (a destination chosen for its intense sun exposure on residents) and two groups. One group used sunscreen as they had been using for years, (meaning intermittently or only when in direct sun contact). The other group used SPF 15 every single day for 4.5 years. The result? Smoother, healthier looking and more resilient skin in the group who used sunscreen everyday. Wow!

Next we talk about the swells in Waikiki and how to stay safe in turbulent waters. While we want you to enjoy your Hawaii vacation by the sea, we also don’t want you to get swept out, so be sure to heed lifeguard warnings and always remember, if in doubt don’t go out. So what’s bringing these swells to the south? Well if you’ve ever vacationed in Waikiki during the summertime, you’ll know it’s actually quite common.

And for our final topic of this podcast we’ll discuss a handful of the best museums in Hawaii. From the missionaries of the 1800’s to the lava of the Big Island to Buddhism, Hinduism and the state’s Grand Canyon, we’re covering an array of awesome places you’ll want to check out next time you’re in Hawaii. And we’ve detailed a couple museums per island, so be sure to take note!