Lucky We Live Hawaii

There is a saying that many Hawaii locals will recognize, and even more might even admit to using (quite frequently). It’s a saying that many vacationers and travelers to Hawaii wish they could announce with truth, yet it’s a saying that instills a certain sense of blessing in both island locals and tourists. It’s a saying that’s become increasingly popular. Perhaps you’ve seen it on a shirt, a beach bag, or even tagged on a street sign. It’s four words that help describe the feeling many locals get when laying on the beach under the warm tropical sun, beer in hand and a weekend in Hawaii to look forward to. It’s “lucky we live Hawaii.”

Nobody is quite sure where it started or how it came to be so popular, but this saying seems to never get old. Perhaps this is because it is not a prideful or boastful statement. It is merely a humble way of expressing gratitude about the beautiful place in which we live. The best part about this saying is that it can be used in almost any context.

Here are a few scenarios where this saying is perfect to use:

Jumping in the ocean on a summer day with your eyes open. The water is so clear you can see the fish swimming around you. Capture this moment with an underwater camera, post it to Instagram, and the title “lucky we live Hawaii” will be the perfect way to describe that feeling you just experienced.

Sitting with a group of friends or family in a covered carport, listening to the rain hit the corrugated tin roof. Waiting for the clouds to clear, you look beyond the carport and see a deeply colored rainbow arched above your neighbor’s house. “Lucky we live Hawaii” may be heard murmured amongst your group of ohana.

Walking down the local bike path after an energizing swim in the ocean, you notice fruit trees growing wild in the dirt. The bananas are not quite ripe, but you see a green-turning-yellow papaya that is ready for the picking. You also notice a nearby mango tree with sweet fruit hanging down perfectly within reach. The ideal snacks for an in between meal, you think to yourself “lucky I live Hawaii”.

While this is often a saying that locals usually use, its meaning also resonates with tourists and those thinking about moving to Hawaii as well. It’s these little moments of awe that convince so many to move to the islands, and we don’t deny that they are actually quite convincing! It’s the simple things that are catching people’s attention, but recently I heard a friend say she wanted to move to Hawaii because she didn’t want to be ordinary. And I guess that is exactly what Hawaii is, extraordinary. It’s no wonder why people from all over the world come to these islands for a relaxing vacation.

Vacationers coming to Hawaii can also use this phrase by tweaking it slightly. Instead of “lucky we live Hawaii”, change it to “lucky we in Hawaii”. This makes it less permanent, and more of a statement that means “we’re acknowledging the amazing fact that we’re in Hawaii!” rather than, “we’re trying to pretend like we live in Hawaii.” Using this phrase is a great way to stay in the moment during your vacation too. There are times when driving can be overwhelming, the tour didn’t turn out like expected, or the weather didn’t hold up like you wanted, but in between all those frustrating moments are the ones that make it all worthwhile. Stay present in the moment for things like the sounds of a choir of tropical birds, the warm breeze of the tradewinds, or the feel of sand under your bare feet. By connecting with this phrase, you’ll most likely connect better with the island and ultimately make your vacation more memorable.

We love using this saying because it helps brings us back to reality. For locals living in Hawaii, we tend to forget that we’re in one of the most desired places on earth. When you’re working a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday, it’s easy to lose track of the beautiful weather, warm ocean, or abundance of outdoor activities. Until we hit that weekend mark, we’re in work mode just like everyone else in the world. But once we make it through to those two blissful days of no work, it’s like we’ve just woken up and suddenly we’re on vacation. There’s nothing else like it!

In case you’re wondering why this topic came up, “Lucky We Live Hawaii” is the title of our new podcast featuring Aloha Bruce and Wayde, a.k.a The Poor Man. Every week you’ll be hearing from us on topics Hawaii related and adventure related. Wayde is an expert when it comes to traversing the island of Oahu by Jeep and by foot, so we know this guy will have some great stories to share with listeners. Stay tuned and get ready for Hawaii Aloha Travel’s newest addition, the “Lucky We Live Hawaii” podcast!