Podcast Listeners Hawaii Vacation reviews

On today’s podcast we answer a few e-mails I’ve received from podcast listeners and friends on our Facebook page. The first one is from Wade who’s planning a trip in April or May to Maui and wanted some advice on the itinerary he has created and researched . I break down his questions and offer advice about some of the ideas he has about his Hawaii vacation plans. I discuss his condo choice, pricing, and activity wishlist when traveling to Maui.

Dropping it all and running away to Hawaii

Have you ever thought about dropping everything and moving to Hawaii? That’s exactly what one of our listeners is planning on doing and reached out to me for some advice. I discuss the reality of doing something like this and go over pricing for someone who wants to stay here a couple of months and not spend a lot of money. The reality is that if you’re going to plan to do something like this you need to be prepared and have a lot of information.

Oahu – Big Island Ideas

Finally, on today’s show, I discuss an itinerary that was sent in from Patricia who wants to get some ideas about an itinerary she’s playing for her family to go to two islands. She actually did a great job with her research and I went over some of the ideas she’s planning and gave my advice. She wants to see Hilo and Kona on the Big Island. As a reminder, when you fly into Hilo and return your car in Kona there is a perry hefty drop off fee.

Hawaii Vacation News Tidbits

  • Several people in Hawaii reported seeing a meteoroid similar to the one that was seen in Russia this week. Turns out that astronomers in Hawaii were not surprised and think it’s actually just the space station being seen from the islands. This just underlines the fact that we’re so close to the equator we can see most everything in space!
  • If you’re coming to Hawaii and love the theater you may want to consider checking out one of the many local performances we have here in the islands. There are several community theater groups that do an excellent job and bring you plays from Oklahoma to funny girl for your enjoyment. We also offer Broadway shows that come in from time to time to play at the Blaisdell Arena if that’s something you just can’t be without on your Hawaii vacation.
  • Billionaire Larry Ellison bought Island Air this week which adds to his strategy and presence here in the islands. Allison recently bought the island of lanai so it makes sense that he would purchase this airline to control some of the airlift to this small exotic island.