Coming to Hawaii for the Holidays

Now is just about the time when those who’ve booked their holidays in Hawaii begin to feel excited. Fall is in full swing and the winter chill is starting to creep over the mainland. People are beginning to really anticipate their vacation in Hawaii because it’s a reprieve from the cold weather back home and ultimate relaxation when you’re stretched out on a beach chair with the clear ocean at your toes. While we Hawaii locals feel the warm sun and temperate waters year round, for many, it is a pure luxury. Which is why it’s a great idea to #1, book your holiday in Hawaii waaaaaay in advance and #2 book your Hawaii vacation activities in advance.

Christmas time is one of the most popular months for travel to Hawaii, precisely for the reasons previously mentioned, but also because school is on break and most working people have some time off as well. This means that the majority of people looking to vacation sometime during the year will choose to do so in the winter, making Hawaii an extremely popular destination. But this also means that prices are at their peak and accommodations fill up fast. This is why it’s a good idea to book your airfare and hotel at the same time. Just because you can get a reasonable plane ticket doesn’t mean it will be the same for hotels. Furthermore, it doesn’t even mean you’ll find availability. With resorts booking quickly for the wintertime, you want to make sure you’re prepared, and not left booking the run-down hotel 20 blocks from the ocean.

Since we’re on the topic of supply and demand, let’s talk about all those activities you plan to do while you’re in Hawaii. Even if you plan to just do a cruise or a driving tour, you should probably start having your travel agent call around to various activity companies; otherwise they might be filled up already. Popular activities such as dinner cruises, surf lessons and luaus can sell out months in advance, leaving you with the activity options that aren’t even on your bucket list. If you have priorities in mind while in Hawaii, make sure you book them early! That hotel you’ve been dying to spend a night in, that snorkel tour your friends told you was a must, that sailboat adventure you’ve been dreaming about, these are all likely to fill up quick, so be sure to beat the crowd and get a head start on booking your Hawaiian holiday activities.

If you’re not sure what type of activities you want to experience on the islands, be sure to contact us! We have so many ideas and recommendations; they’re practically coming out of our ears! Plus we have “off-the-beaten-path” type of activity suggestions, such as wine tasting on Maui, museum hopping on Oahu, a secluded waterfall hike on Kauai, or a helicopter tour on the Big Island. Activity companies are getting more and more unique with what they offer, and we have so many connections and hook ups for you, you’d be crazy not to seek our help. Ever tried zip lining through the rainforests of Hawaii? Or swimming alongside dolphins? How about horseback riding along Oahu’s north shore? Or one of the really new adventures; intertubing along rivers carved into the mountains and canyons of Kauai’s west side. We’ve got the best deals on it all.

Hawaii has become such a preferred holiday destination over so many other places because it’s safe and it’s a great place to bring the family. When people travel to other locations like Mexico or Jamaica, often times they never venture beyond the hotel grounds. Hawaii allows you to explore the entire island with the whole family, without questioning the safety factor. Not to mention there is something for everyone here too, so a multigenerational family vacation is really heightened in Hawaii. The little kids can play in the pool or at the beach, while Grandma and mom check out the museums, dad goes golfing for the day, and the teenagers lounge at the beach or shop the streets of Waikiki. You can also spend good quality time with one another on group activities and adventures. There aren’t any casinos to distract mom and dad, and most daytime activities involve the outdoors.

If you’re hesitant about booking your holidays in Hawaii because it disturbs family traditions, parties, or get togethers, it’s a good idea to begin reworking these things early. It has become quite common for families to celebrate Christmas morning on Christmas Eve morning instead, in order to fly out on December 25th, where you’ll typically find cheaper airfare. Or plan a unique New Years celebration with your travel group while you’re in Hawaii. There are plenty of ways to spend the holidays in Hawaii without feeling like you’re missing out on things back home. Just make sure to book your airfare, hotels, and activities early, to help you save big and get the most out of your vacation!