Pleasing friends and family when planning a Hawaii Vacation

Are you the Vacation planner of the family?
Did your friends anoint you as the official Hawaii vacation Guru?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed because you’re trying to please everyone?

It’s common for one person to be the planner, therefore making the decisions on where to eat, the daytime activities, itinerary, and ultimately, keeping everyone happy. Often times this person gets put in the middle of arguments when others don’t agree on the decision, and it makes for a stressful situation for this “planner” person. With this job being as exhaustive at it is, it’s hard for the planner to make time for themselves and actually enjoy their vacation. It seems their happiness is forfeited for the happiness of others, and that’s simply not a good way to go about vacationing.

This is exactly why booking through a local travel company (ahem Hawaii Aloha Travel) is such a good idea. We completely eliminate the weight on the planner’s shoulders, allowing that person to relax and enjoy their trip to Hawaii. And, by planning in advance, we can compromise on various activities that everyone will like. Whether you’re planning a family vacation with wide age variations, a bachelorette or birthday party with different vacationing preferences, or a business trip with certain expectations, Hawaii Aloha Travel will be sure to cover everything.

If you find yourself falling into the role as “planner” while on your Hawaii vacation, do yourself a favor and give a Hawaii Aloha agent a call. We can help with the details and make sure every member of your travel party is happy. Just remember, you can’t always please everyone but with Hawaii Aloha Travel, you can get pretty darn close.