Hiking the Judd Trail on Oahu

Today we took a hike on The Judd trail with the help of Wayde Fishman from WaydesWorldHawaii.Com and his eclectic crew of fun travel guides. This is a relatively easy hike located off Old Pali Road on the island of Oahu. The trail does a loop which takes about an hour to complete. On this trial you’ll traverse everything from beautiful rain forests to enchanting waterfalls.

The trail is part of the Honolulu Mauka trial system which is maintained by the state of Hawaii. There’s lots of documentation about the trail which you can easily Google map. Make sure you wear good walking shoes that can get wet because you have to cross a mandatory stream.

We had the pleasure to be joined by Agnes Bryant who recently survived a deadly fall from over 350 feet from the nearby Poli notches trail. Although she broke her arm and suffered some serious bruises, that hasn’t stopped her passion for hiking the beautiful trails of Hawaii.

If you’re ready to trip to Oahu and enjoy hiking we highly recommend you take the opportunity to enjoy the Judd trail.