What Happened to Lanai?

Well? Whats the Deal?

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, purchased the island earlier in the year, but still has yet to release what his plans are for the land. Many people are curious and therefore calling in to the office and emailing, only to be met by no response. The Oracle public relations media staff is also avoiding media requests and questions in a very skilled manner, leaving people in a shroud of mystery.

Residents of Lanai have reported no changes made to the island, nor anything out of the ordinary. Larry Ellison evidently has not yet made an appearance on island yet either, however, there have been whispers that “his people” are traveling to and from Lanai quite frequently. As of today, Thursday, August 16th, 2012, there is still no word about what the new Lanai owner intends to do with the island. In any case it’s still one of the best places for a Hawaii Vacation and that will never change!