Summer Coming to An End in Hawaii

As much as I don't want to speak the words, I simply can't deny it, it is happening. Summer is coming to an end. In fact, it's already come to an end for students and teachers. But the good thing us Hawaii residents have to look forward to is, just because summer is ending, that doesn't mean the sunshine stops because we have beautiful weather year round. But anyways, tour operators are now offering their end-of-summer, fall and winter deals and discounts to entice tourists to continue frequenting the islands. Hawaii Aloha Travel is offering free car rentals on bookings made in August, and also rebates that will be valid through September.

Considered the “shoulder season”, company directors, managers, and owners are designing packages and discount rates for travelers during the “almost” off-season. This has been a trend for the past few years in the tourism industry, with peak seasons being summer and winter, sloping downward during spring, and being completely dead during the months of May and October. Jack Richards, CEO of Pleasant Holidays says that although the ebb and flow of tourism is nothing unusual, “the recession era trend of close-in booking windows has returned” – Jena Tesse Fox. Richards also states that this “may be a reflection of the overall economic condition,” adding also that “the window got longer at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, but now it's shifting back again.”

However, with such a strong overall year for the tourism industry in Hawaii, the fact that summer is coming to an end really is nothing more than a fact, as opposed to an alarm. With a record amount of visitor spending and a dramatic year-over-year visitor increase in June, Hawaii's tourism industry is doing just fine. The end of summer simply means the end of the most popular tourist time of the year.