Christmas Hawaii vacation planning in July

Summer months mean it’s time to begin planning your Hawaii Vacation for Christmas. And although some of you may think it’s possible to tackle this trip last minute, we’re here to tell you not only will airfare be 3x the cost, but most hotels will be sold out as well. So make sure to do your homework and plan your winter holiday in the summertime, you’ll be happy you did!

The Christmas rush in Hawaii lasts from December 15th through January 6th, which means that flights will be the most expensive during these days. It’s important to book airfare far in advance in order to save the most money. The closer to the vacation date you wait to book, the more expensive flights will cost. A good trick is to fly either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, as people tend to not want to travel on these days. If you can plan the holiday around this travel tip, it’ll mean cheaper airfare and less hectic travel experiences for you and the family. And you’ll beat the crowds.

Hawaii hotels also are a big factor when planning your Christmas vacation. Many of the popular hotels book fast for the holiday season, and they sell out early in the year. Which is why we recommend planning in July. Also, it’s common that hotels and resorts will require a minimum stay, generally one week. This is important to plan into your itinerary because it will dictate the location of your vacation, as well as the time frame. Prices for accommodations during the holiday seasons are always more expensive than during any other time of year (well except for maybe the height of summer). Book in advance, book in advance, book in advance. And if you’re having trouble finding a hotel that fits within your budget and expectations, local travel agents are always standing by to help. Plus, it’s a good way to save as much money as possible, since these locals know how to get the hard-to-find Christmas deals for travelers.

Honestly, you can never do a Hawaii Christmas trip last minute. People always end up disappointed and paying more money than they intended. It’s a bad idea to get yourself into a stressful situation during an already stressful time of year, speaking in terms of money and spending. Why not lighten your load and plan your Christmas vacation this July? It is highly recommended, and the anxiety and pressure will greatly diminish once you’ve planned everything out. Especially if your travel agent has you spending less than expected! Don’t be in a constant worry about this annual trip, instead, take care of things early and save yourself the time and money.

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas in July, so contact a Hawaii Aloha Travel agent and begin planning your yearly vacation in advance. Set a goal for yourself on the calendar and aim to have at least one aspect of your trip checked off the list. Whether it is buying plane tickets, securing your hotel, finding a rental car, or simply getting a travel quote, by planning in advance, you’re already ahead of the game and making a great start to your much deserved Hawaiian holiday vacation.