Hawaii is for relaxation & exploration

Do you come to Hawaii to simply relax or to be active and explore? Our most recent question asked to Hawaii enthusiasts, we received feedback that may surprise those who consider Hawaii the ultimate place for kick back time. Although the islands do provide visitors with copious amounts of lounge chairs, rattan couches, warm sand, and poolside bars, most people who travel to Hawaii are looking to get more out of their time than just a good tan.

Majority of people answered with choosing the exploring alternative. Each island offers unique historical elements, as well as sightseeing, hiking, ocean activities, nightlife, and much more. So if you plan to make a busy schedule for yourself while on vacation in Hawaii, you won’t be short of adventures!

Some people responded that they enjoy doing both, relaxing and exploring. Which, in my opinion, is the best of both worlds. You can plan an active day traversing the island, visiting museums or historical landmarks, taking a surf lesson, or jumping on a snorkel cruise, and then come back to your hotel to recuperate and take in the beauty of Hawaii. My favorite way to find leisure on island is with a good book and near a body of water, preferably the ocean. But sometimes, the pool works just as nice to really get in some deep relaxation. This always seems that much more enjoyable too after a rigorous hike to a waterfall. So finding a way to fit in a little bit of both types of vacationing is worthwhile.

Another common comment was the fact that most people just can’t do everything they want in the amount of time they’re in Hawaii. If you’re lucky, you get a solid week. And that is not nearly enough time to hit everything on the punch list! The best way to have the most fulfilling vacation is to prioritize.

Are you dying to check out the Pearl Harbor tour? Are you hoping to see a turtle or a pod of dolphins? Will you be disappointed if you leave Hawaii without ever catching a wave or drinking a lava flow? We recommend creating a list of “must-do’s” for your trip to the islands, and if you get here and realize that list has morphed into something completely different, don’t worry! Throw it out and revise! We understand that with so many options, you may get to your destination and realize, I want to sightsee! Or, I want to lounge on the beach all day long! Whatever your preference, at Hawaii Aloha Travel, we make everything worth your while≠≠≠