All about Maui

Talking about Maui

Today we talk about the island of Maui. We’re joined in the studio by Katherine Finch one of our bloggers who recently took a trip over to the magic Isle and she shares with us some of the things she enjoyed during her visit.

One of the things we love about Maui is that it has really has a little bit of everything including beautiful beaches majestic waterfalls and some great nightlife. The island is divided up into three distinct areas we discuss some of the differences on today’s show.

On a quick trip, staying at a budget hotel like the Maui Lu is extremely basic but affordable. There are a few decent rooms but you need to know which ones to ask for (ask Mr. Bruce for info). Get out of the hotel and drive to other parts of the island to make the most of a few days.

  • Haleakala Crater: dormant but stunning crater at 10,000 feet takes about 90 minute from Kihei area. Go for sunset and drive back down while sun is setting. Allow 4- 5 hours for entire trip. Even if weather is inclement you will enjoy this drive for the diversity of vegetation and rock formations. A must recommendation.
  • Get on the water. Whale sighting excursions are very popular during winter months for the yearly migration. I used Ultimate Whale Watch out of slip 17 in Lahaina Harbor. This is a small craft and has many advantages over one of the larger boats that go out – mainly everyone has a front row seat! If it’s not whale season, get on the water anyway. It’s a beautiful way to ‘see’ the island.
  • Maui is a ‘sleepy’ type of island, but the traffic is not. The Bus system on the island is safe and cheap, but timetables can be unreliable. $2 can get you a ride up and down the coastline with unlimited stops…. Sure beats $4.50/gallon for your rental car.
  • Local specialty shops are the way to go for shopping, otherwise wait till you go to Oahu to do that.