Extreme Hawaii Hiking, Is It a Risk You Shouldn’t Take?

/>Dangers of Extreme Hiking in Hawaii

Hawaii is an ideal location for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering natural waterfalls, pools of fresh water, hidden beaches, and rock climbing that is beyond your common, everyday type of adventure. We live in the tropics, so beauty and breathtaking scenery surrounds us. But it is up to the individual to seek it in its raw forms, and for many, this is extreme hiking.

The recent death of an avid Oahu hiker has caused debate over whether or not these extreme hikes are worth the risk. Leslie Charles Merrell was a regular organizer of group hikes around the island, with knowledge and experience that comes only from local insight. He fell 150 feet to his death while attempting to hike “Bear Claw”, an advanced trail in the Waimanalo District Park.

A niche group of hikers who began the website know as unrealhawaii.com (a site that gives details and photos on where to find hikes, backpacking trails, beaches, and natural rock climbing adventures) and who knew Merrell, defend their hobby, saying that they are not travel guides or experts, but merely reviewers.

Should these tragedies mean that the adventure stops for others? Are the dangers of extreme hiking worth the risk?

Nature is unpredictable. It is not an amusement park where safety rules and guidelines are posted at the front entrance. You take a risk being out in the open, and hopefully are aware of the hazards nature poses. As for Leslie Merrell, may he rest in peace, his death was the outcome of a very unfortunate event, due to the unforeseen forces of nature and fate. I would image that if he could give his advice today on the situation it would be to continue hiking, continue to seek the beauty of the island, and continue to pursue the addiction that so many extreme hikers chase after.

My personal tips on the topic: Know your limits and the limits of the people in your hiking group. Research the trail and know the hazards. Hike prepared. Have a safety plan and an emergency plan. Use caution, common sense, and a constant awareness of your surroundings. Hiking safely doesn’t need to compromise the fun or thrill of being out in unpredictable situations. It merely prepares you for the conditions of the experience. Enjoy this world and everything the land has to offer, just be conscious of the unharnessed qualities of nature.

Not only is Hawaii Five-O creating a fan base of television followers, this remade American police TV series is also creating a buzz for local business on Oahu, the island where the filming takes place. Restaurants, bakeries, local eateries, farmers markets, and more are being name dropped into the show, advertising the cast and crew’s favorite local spots for free. This has become one of the most popular ways to publicize and promote Oahu’s small town businesses, with many more eager to get onboard the island business ride.

Hawaii Five -0 Opens doors to local business

Hawaii Five 0 has transitioned from a television series into a multi-prosperous entity. The show now works with various social media network sites such as Face book, Twitter, and Pinterest, giving fans more avenues for following. From its humble beginnings in 1968, this remake of a classic police drama television series has boomed into a phenomenon that is not likely to retire anytime soon.

The original version of Hawaii Five 0 was actually written with the letter O, but was dropped and replaced by the number “0” during the show’s debut. It plays on CBS, the network of the original airing, during the 10-11pm time slot. The original idea behind bringing the show back on TV was to give the Hawaii economy a boost. And boost it has!

From Leonard’s Bakery to Waiola Shave Ice in Honolulu, local businesses are feeling the excitement of the new show. And it has proved to be awesome tourist attractions as well!

Another Airline to fly to Hawaii

Allegiant Air, a small airline carrier that specializes in connecting smaller cities to leisure destinations, is said to extend their connections into Hawaii by June 2012. This is good news for us because it means more options for travel to our favorite vacation spot! It is also anticipated that Allegiant Air will be a great way for Hawaii first timers to travel affordably and conveniently. With destinations already in route for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Orlando, consumers will now benefit even more by opening up this other airway to Hawaii.

Because Allegiant Air is a smaller airline company, they typically fly smaller planes. However, Allegiant has received a federal certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly larger planes, Boeing 757s to be exact. With a couple more certifications, Allegiant Air will be up and running, with flights from the mainland out to Hawaii. They will begin the integration of the 757 on the Las Vegas to McAllen Texas and Rockford, Ill route.

The cities within Hawaii that Allegiant Air will be flying to is still undisclosed. However, travelers need not be worried, because ANY city in Hawaii is still Hawaii! Allegiant Air has remained dedicated to providing smaller city airports with direct flight options, which would otherwise be left to battle multiple leg journeys. They will maintain this reputation with their flights to Hawaii, because there is nothing easier than a nonstop flight