The first thing to eat on your Hawaii Vacation

Travel companies to provide more airline pricing disclosure

The FAA has recently required travel companies to do a better job at disclosing airfare prices to consumers. Very often you see a price but when you go to book it it’s not available. While transparency of this kind is always a good thing and something that we support, the new law raises a concern about a program that we offer to our clients which is certainly beneficial. We currently can take a small deposit for a booking and not ticket the airfare and wait to see if the price becomes less expensive over time. The issue is that the price could also go up and the government wants to make sure that consumers understand this and the information is disclosed. You can rest assured knowing that we will do everything we can to continue to help consumers book Hawaii vacations with small deposit so they can pay over time.

What to Eat when you arrive in Hawaii

So what’s the first Hawaiian delicacy you want to eat when you get off the plane here in Hawaii? That’s what we asked our Facebook and twitter friends which gave us a chance to talk about one of our favorite subjects food in Hawaii. Today we share with you some of these suggestions to help you get ready for your upcoming Hawaii vacation.

Waikiki Hotel Renovations

Carol was interested to know what kind of construction projects are slated for Waikiki hotels this year. We go over to renovation projects we’re aware of in Waikiki which include a major renovation at the Halekulani.
Properties scheduled this year are; The Halekulani, Aqua Bamboo, Aston Waikiki Sunset and Waikiki Banyan