Picks for Hawaii’s Top 5 star hotels

5-star Hawaii Hotel ideas

Today we talk about Hawaii hotel selections if money was no object. We asked our Facebook friends to let us know what hotel they would stay in if they had an unlimited budget. Several people said the Royal Hawaiian and the Four Seasons on all of the islands were popular with our Facebook friends. There were a couple of really noteworthy properties mentioned including Zane Lacaden’s suggestion which was Travassa Hana and Cathey Tarleton who chose the Kona Village resort which unfortunately was destroyed during the tsunami last year. She wanted us to remember what a great property this was for a unique Hawaii vacation.

The Big island in a Day

Deciding what to do on the Big Island if you only have a short time is a challenge and a question that we answer on a regular basis around here. We know that it’s possible to traverse the entire island in the day however, it’s been a while since we’ve done it so we decided to take the challenge once again. On today’s show we give you a quick summary of how to get around the island in one day and what to see if you have a limited amount of time. We visited a Waimea, Onomea Bay, Akaka Falls, Hilo Town, Volcano National Park, Punalu’u Beach park, Captain Cook and Kailua Kona.

Top Romance Hotels in Hawaii

The 2012 travelers choice best romance hotel awards were announced this week and two properties on Kauai made the list. The Koa Kea hotel and resort on Kauai was rated number one. The list is compiled by trip advisor is selected from reviewers on the site. Also on Hawaii this St. Regis Princeville resort and spa was rated number 10. Both are great choices and I very often recommend the Koa Kea because it’s acquired or property with a more relaxed atmosphere than some of the larger properties in that area. The newly renovated St. Regis Princeville resort is also an excellent choice for romance because of the beauty of the north side of the island which includes Hanalei Bay.

Aqua Lotus to Renovate

The Aqua Lotus Hotel announced a $1.3 million room renovation project. The refurbishing will include all of the rooms amenities and furnishings. There’s also talk about opening up the restaurant to replace the Diamondhead Grill which is been closed since 2009. The property is in an excellent location at the base of Diamondhead a little bit outside of the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.

Hawaii Airfare update

United Delta American and US Airways announced that they were going to be raising their price is because of increased fuel costs. Additionally Delta Airlines announced an increase in their bulk air fares which means that we see no signs of lower prices in the immediate future for airfares to Hawaii.