Will Gambling ever come to Hawaii?

Gambling in Hawaii

Today we talk about a new survey which was released in Hawaii which found that 76% of local people questioned said they would visit an entertainment center with a casino in Waikiki. This comes as a bit of a surprise because traditionally gambling has not gotten much support in Hawaii. Today we talk about the reasons why this comes up every year and discuss the possibility of casino
gambling coming to Hawaii.

Keep your distance from sea mammals in Hawaiian waters

We’ve been seeing very disturbing images over the last couple months of people taking pictures with sea turtles and monk seals underwater. While this may seem like an innocent activity, it’s wrong and completely illegal. Today we got a question from Donna wanted to know how much distance you should keep when viewing sea turtles or monk seals either on land or at sea. Interfering with these very delicate mammals constitute a federal violation. You are not to disturb them or their natural behavior patterns. The rule of thumb is that you should keep at least 150 feet from many marine mammals such as monk seals or sea turtles. You should also be especially concerned if you see any of these creatures in shallow waters because it could mean that they are sick,

Disney Aulani Update

Mike wants to know what I think of the Disney Aulani resort now that it’s been open for a while. Some of you may know that we stayed at the property during its soft open back in September of last year and thought that they needed to work out several problems. I’m not backing off my initial review of the property however, for families with children I think they have worked out a lot of the issues and the pricing has stabilized. We have a couple of specials now with the property which I think are a good value because they bundle in the Paradise Cove luau and a few other value added activities which makes this property worth another look for families.