Top 10 reasons to use a Hawaii Based Travel Agent

Using a Travel Agent

It’s that time of year again when Hawaii vacation planning is in full swing. Today I share the top 10 reasons for booking a Hawaii vacation with a local based company like ours. There really are a lot of advantages. Obviously, the most important is that we’re actually in Hawaii. This goes a long way in helping you get the most out of your Hawaii vacation because we can share with you our personal experiences and give you honest feedback. Most of the customers I talk to tell me they book with our company because of that very reason. Our local knowledge combined with our excellent customer service not only gives you the most bang for your buck a gives you peace of mind as well. I hope this podcast this is not too much like a commercial but I think it’s important to outline some of the reasons why you really should get assistance when booking your Hawaii vacation.

Deals and Specials

We got some great deals right now which we share on today’s show. If specials from the West Coast were quick getaways to Hawaii as well as a great deal on the Disney Aulani resort which includes a luau, Dolphins cruise in a gourmet burger picnic. We’re always finding new specials and you can catch them on our website here.
We also take some time today to thank new customers who have recently book with us and we share they are itineraries. This gives you a great idea of what things are costing right now for a vacation to Hawaii.

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