Hangin with Lanai Tabura

Today we check in with comedian/entrepreneur Lanai Tabura who shares with us his early days living and growing up on the small island of Lanai and how his career has evolved. Over the last few years he’s produced his own wine label called Look me in the Eye and created a fun iPhone app called Pidgin 101. If that’s not enough, he’s also is part owner of a music publishing company, appears regularly on television, radio, and performs his comedy act nationwide. He is full of Aloha which is translated into everything he does.

He’s also passionate about travel. He began hosting trips during his radio days as a disc jockey taking people to Vegas; people loved the trips so much he started doing them on a regular basis. He now travels all over the world with groups several times a year to destinations like the Philippines and Thailand. Today we have the opportunity to discuss Lana’s Travel Club where he puts package deals and special itineraries . Coming up in Feb. he is hosting a wine tour to California and in February a trip to the Philippines.

Fore more information check out https://lanaistravelclub.com/