The best way to buy Hawaii Airfare

Halloween In Hawaii

It’s that time of year again; the holidays are right around the corner. Halloween is happening this weekend so we talk about a big festival that’s on Oahu. It’s called Hallowbaloo and it’s a four day music and arts Festival with events all over the island. Each year it gets better and better in this year it promises to be the best ever.

Hawaii Airfare pricing

On today’s show we discuss how airfare is priced to Hawaii. You can purchase published or bulk air and today we discuss the difference between the two. In general bulk air is pre-purchase airfare that we get from the airlines in advance. The advantage of booking in bulk air is that you never have to put all the money down at once and very often it can be cheaper than published airfare. Published airfare refer to the actual published rate that airlines offer and they are found everywhere. They come with restrictions and pretty much the price will be the same anywhere you look and you have to pay at the time of booking in full.

New budget Hotel in Waikiki

This week we found a newly renovated budget property in Waikiki called Stay Hotel. This was formally a student housing building which has been converted into 73 hotel rooms. The property is priced just right at $79 a night and we think it’s a great value. We show some pictures and talk about our impressions of this hotel.

Questions Answered

Today we answer a couple of really good questions from our social media friends. Had he wanted to know if hotels provide transportation from the airport here in the islands. Unfortunately except for a select few mostly five-star properties you have to get your own transportation to the hotels here in Hawaii. Darcy wanted to know if we suggest that people take a tour or drive themselves toeakala on Maui. I always recommend that people get the tour however he certainly can drive it yourself. The disadvantage and doing it yourself is that whoever is the driver doesn’t get to see as much as the people who are passengers. It’s really nice on a long drive like this leave the driving somebody else.