Don’t sweat the small stuff on your Hawaii Vacation

Don’t make it a big if you can help it!

Today we touch a little bit on having the right hotel etiquette when vacationing in Hawaii. We talk about not letting little things bother you too much because in the end it’s probably not worth the trouble. Very often when people are on vacation expectations are raised and things might bother us that normally we would just brush off. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying choose your battles, this applies when your on vacation too.

Old Hawaii lives

If you really want a taste of what old Hawaii was all about, we highly recommend you check out te “House Without a Key” at the Halekulani. On most days you’ll find Kanoe Miller, oneof the most respected Hula dancers in Hawaii. It’s a beautiful atmosphere on the ocean underneath an amazing game tree that you’ll never forget.

Outrigger Waikiki Renovations

Today we got a question from Carol who is asking about renovations at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach. This popular hotel will be going through an extensive renovation from March to June. During that time some of the public spaces will be closed including the pool. As a result the hotel will be offering some discounted construction rates starting at $169 a night.

Winter Hawaiian Weather

Louise wanted to know what the weather is like in December and January in Hawaii and whether or not it’s possible to swim and enjoy the outdoors. The weather only changes about 10° between summer and winter in Hawaii. It’s for that reason that you enjoy water sports all year round. You can also see whales during this time as they come to Hawaii for their mating season.