Visiting Kalaupapa on Molokai, Aloha Floral Parade, Catching Surf on Maui

More Buses to come to Oahu

Riding the bus is an excellent way to get around the island of Oahu. You can get to just about anywhere on the bus including most beaches shopping centers restaurants and museums as well as all the major attractions of Oahu, Recently some federal funding was granted to Hawaii to purchase a new turbine electric buses. The new buses will allow for more routes around the islands for people visiting here on Hawaii vacations.

Aloha Festival Floral Parade

The Aloha Festival is in full swing and this weekend there will be aloha festivals floral Parade in Waikiki. To be here this weekend this is a wonderful opportunity to see one of our favorite parades. They’ll be wonderful booths made from Hawaiian flowers marching bands and hula Halau. The parade will start at all the while the park and end Kapiolani Park.

Traveling to Kalaupapa onMolokai

Chris and his wife are traveling to Hawaii on the cruise ship the Golden Princess and want to visit Molokai to see where Father Damien spent his time in Kalaupapa leper colonies ministering to people who suffered from this illness. We offer them some advice about a structured tour that they can take that includes ground transportation the flight to Molokai and the tour. Our understanding is that this happens Monday through Friday depending on demand but they only need three people to make the tour happen.

Surfing on Maui

Bobby wanted to know where the best place on Maui is to catch some waves for surfing. Well now is not considered to be the surfing island, there are some great breaks off of Kahului. One of the most popular surfing spots is Honolua Bay on the northwest side of the island near Kapalua.