Fun activities for Families in Kona

Dole Plantation or Polynesian cultural Center

Today we’re asked about two of the most popular activities on Oahu; The Polynesian Cultural Center & the Dole plantation. Darren, a facebook friend, wanted to know which is more worthy of his time. We actually don’t recommend the Dole plantation for everyone. We think that for the most part it’s a great activity for families but don’t recommend making a special trip.It’s better to combine a trip to the plantation as part of a trip to the North Shore.

The Best way to book Airfare to Maui

We got a question from Annette who wanted to know if it’s cheaper to book a flight to Honolulu and then book a interisland flight to Maui. In most cases the answer is no. It’s usually much cheaper to book straight through to your final destination. In some cases the airlines will code share which means the interisland portion may be on a different airline than the transpac portion of your flight if you have to go through Honolulu. It’s also better to plan any interisland trip in advance of coming to the islands if you’re looking to save money.

Fun things for Families to do in Kona

Cora from South Dakota is coming to the Big Island in a few weeks and wanted some suggestions about things for a family to do in Kona. We offer some suggestions and ideas about some of the best tours and adventures. One of our favorites to recommend is the zodiac raft and snorkel adventure which is fun for the whole family and all ages. You also don’t want to miss the coffee factories or snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay.

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