Useful words for a Hawaiian Vacation

Words you can use

Today we talk about some common Hawaiian words that are most useful to learn before traveling on a Hawaii vacation. It takes a little bit of effort to learn some of the more difficult Hawaiian words or name places however, you won’t really need to learn any Hawaiian to get by while you’re here. We offer some suggestions and cover the more common words you can expect to in encounter. Remember not to overdo using some of these common words because some people might take it the wrong way.

Famous movie locations in Hawaii

Have you ever wondered where some of the movies like Jurassic Park which was filmed in Hawaii are located? We answer a question about where you can see some of these locations that are in some of the famous movies from Hollywood that are filmed in Hawaii. A lot of the movies are shot on the island of Oahu and we talk about where you can see some of these sites.

Formal nights on Hawaiian Cruises

Ron a facebook freind is asking us about formal nights on the NCL Ship the Pride of America. Very often when you take a cruise you have to conform to eating at preselected times and also attending formal events that you may not want to take part in while on a cruise. NCL has a freestyle cruising program which allows you to eat what you want when you want. They have formal nights but they’re completely optional.