Fun things for kids under 4 on Oahu

The premiere of Hawaii Five-0 season two was finally announced which means Sunset on the Beach will take place on September 10th. This is a chance to see the first episode of the second season before anyone else in the world right here in Hawaii. We have some great packages and events that we created that you can participate in if you’d like to come to Hawaii for this very special occasion.

Oahu is a favorite wedding destination and today we answer a question from one of our Facebook friends who want some suggestions outside of Waikiki and include mountain vistas and the ocean. We offer a couple of places on the Windward side of the island that are perfect for a scenic Hawaii destination wedding. We also talk about our great wedding planner that can do just about anything to make a wedding in Hawaii perfect.

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

our Facebook friend Carina wants to know if there any cruise ships sailing to Hawaii that allow you to have more than 12 hours in Honolulu. As we’ve discussed before, we recommend the Pride of America which is in NCL ship leaving from Honolulu every Saturday. What many folks do in order to have more time on Oahu is to come in a day or two before the ship cruises so you have plenty of time to experience all that Oahu has to offer. We discussed this on todays show and offer some suggestions and tips about getting here a few days early.

Fun things for kids under 4

One of our twitter friends wanted a couple of suggestions for a four-year-old when they come to Oahu in a few weeks. I offer my best pics for some things that you and your kids definitely don’t want to miss when traveling to the island of Oahu.