Saving money on meals in Hawaii

What does it cost for meals in Hawaii?

If you’ve been hearing that food in Hawaii is more than the mainland you’re hearing correctly. In general, food is about 20% more then on the mainland. The reason for this is because mostly all the food we have is imported. Even with the high prices here you can still save money on meals during Hawaii Vacations by using some of the tips we offer in today’s podcast.

Seashell collection in Hawaii

Mark one of our Facebook friends had a question about seashells and where he can find them in Hawaii. You might be surprised to learn that you really don’t see too many seashells while walking along the beach. Most of the seashells you can collect are found when snorkeling or near reefs and ledges along the beaches in Hawaii. Many people also think it’s illegal to remove keepsakes from our beaches however, it is perfectly fine as long as it’s not used for commercial purposes.

Hawaii Dinner Cruises

One my favorite things to do is to be on the water so being at sea in and of itself is always a treat for me. The food you’ll fine is rather typical, nothing fancy, a nice buffet but certainly not a deal breaker. The entertainment on a Hawaii Dinner Cruise is what you would expect, kinda touristy but again I don’t think a deal breaker. Today we ought to give you our thoughts on dinner cruises which might help you decide what is right when you come here on vacation.

The Hawaii “High”

Many people come to Hawaii and never want to leave. And then once they go home they can’t stop thinking of this magical place called Hawaii. Today we get a question from Jason who wants to know how he can come down off this “high” which he has been on since he left in March. My advice is to go with it and enjoy your memories of Hawaii and come back as soon as possible!!