Will a sofa bed work if you get a condo on your Hawaii vacation?

Cheap airfare to Hawaii

Today we touch on the subject of getting cheap airfares to Hawaii. Many times customers will call us saying they see special airfares advertised on the net and wonder if we can get the same rates. The answer to that question is yes and no. The truth of the matter is we have just as much chance of getting it as anyone else does because the airlines only have a limited amount of these cheap seats available. In some cases they only have a few seats when they make the announcement that these cheap fares are available. This is very frustrating for consumers and for us travel agents as well. Our best advice when seeing airfares like that is to book it immediately, don’t wait. Unfortunately many of us just don’t have that luxury because we usually have to check with somebody else and be sure of the dates.

Sofa bed vs. Regular Bed

Is a regular bed always more comfortable than a sofa bed? This is a question we answer today as a result of the customer who didn’t really understand that when you choose a one bedroom condo that means that there is usually one twin/queen bed in the bedroom and a pullout sofa in the living room. This customer made important point about the difference between a sofa bed in a real bed. We talk about making sure that you understand what the betting is available when getting a condo for your Hawaii vacation.

Keeping busy on a long flight to Hawaii

For many people travel to why it’s the longest I’ve ever been in an airplane. Today we offer some tips about how to keep busy while you’re flying to Hawaii. We got lots of suggestions from her Facebook friends can share those on today’s podcast. The most common suggestion; having a stiff drink.