Hawaii is a food lovers paradise too

Abundant food choices in Hawaii

Did you know there are over 2000 restaurants on Oahu alone? When you factor in the other islands there are probably over 2500 restaurants in Hawaii. With those kind of numbers you can imagine there are lots of great choices. While I have said many times that I am not a foodie there’s no way to escape eating and sampling a Hawaii’s delicious culinary dishes. So to some extent I’ve come a foodie by default. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had the opportunity to sample some of the best foods Hawaii has to offer.

Spam Jam 2011

Hawaii’s annual Spam jam on Oahu is one of the islands most anticipated food tasting events. While you’re probably thinking Spam is not your idea of the kind of food you plan on eating on your Hawaii vacation, you might want to think again. People here get pretty creative with this famous lunchmeat. Today’s podcast show you some samples of what people here do with spam and some of the dishes that we thought stood out during our Spam tasting session.

Lei Day for Japan

The Tsunami in Japan was devastating and had a strong impact on Hawaii. As a result, there’ve been lots of fundraising events to raise money for the victims of this enormous disaster. On May 1 which is also Lei Day in Hawaii we attended the Lei Day for Japan event at Aloha Tower Marketplace. This was a community event sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines which brought out the top restaurants in all of Hawaii. All of the big name chefs were there such as Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi and Chef Mavro however, it was some of the other restaurants that we normally don’t get exposure to that made this event so worthwhile.

4 Thoughts on Hawaii is a food lovers paradise too
    Miwa Ogletree
    18 May 2011

    Mahalo for sharing news from Hawaii! I enjoy watching your shows!

    Hawaii food: Spam musubi
    9 Jul 2011

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    19 Jul 2011

    Aww come on, there’s nothing wrong with being a foodie in Hawaii. 🙂
    The choices are endless and there are so many dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. 🙂 I love Hawaii regional cuisine!!!!

    Hey, what’s that green stuff on my rice?
    23 Jul 2011

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