Taking Stuff from your hotel room, Climbing Koko Head, Local Hawaiian Food

Did you take home that towel?

Have you ever taken shampoo or even a towel from a hotel room when you are on vacation? Well you’re not alone, apparently this is a big issue with hotels because they’re losing lots of revenue as a result of people stealing stuff from their rooms. While it’s pretty common place to take shampoos and conditioners or lotions from a hotel room, many people take much bigger things including linens and bed spreads. Yesterday we heard about a technology company that can track people who take linens and towels from hotel rooms you have this as a cost-saving measure for many properties including one here in Hawaii who is using the service. They claim to save $16,000 a month using this technology. we asked our Facebook friends what they thought we got some interesting answers and we share them on today’s show.

Climbing Koko Head

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hike up the Koko Head trail. This is actually a dormant volcano located close to Hanauma Bay on the east side of the island of Oahu. This is a pretty strenuous activity because you have to scale the side of the crater by climbing over 1000 steps to reach the top. I have to say that it’s well worth all of the work because at the top the views are spectacular and awe-inspiring

Questions Answered

As we do every Friday we answer some questions from our Facebook friends and podcast listeners. John wanted to know where to get some great Hawaiian food, so we gave our pick. Highway in is oneof the most popular plcae but it’s a long drove from Waikiki. We also suggeted Hawaiian Ono and Haile’s which are both close to Waikiki on Kapahulu Avenue Melinda wanted some ideas for attractions that are not as well known that she might be able to enjoy on her Hawaii vacation. She wasn’t necessarily looking for hidden hiking spots so I offered up a couple of suggestions that I don’t hear a lot about. The first suggestion I offered was to check out the Lyon Arboretum. Located in Manoa Valley, you find an amazing array of native Hawaiian plants and species. You’ll find just about every conceivable type of flora and fauna located in Hawaii.

Did you know that on Maui there are some really wonderful art galleries? Michael wanted some suggestions about where to see local artwork. While I’m not a art aficionado, it’s pretty well-known that along front Street in Lahaina there are many galleries featuring local artists for you to enjoy. There also some top names including Peter Max with original art gallery located at the end of front Street.

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