Kauai accomadation suggestions

I am often asked where to stay when visiting the island of Kauai. It’s my favorite islands and my wife and I go there about four times a year. You’ll find all kinds of properties on Kauai but similar to Maui, you’ll find more condominiums than resorts. Obviously I cannot cover every single property on the island, so I will focus on the properties which I have the most experience and feedback from customers whom I have booked in these properties.

Keep in mind that I only discuss the properties that I am familiar with and have success in booking. In addition, I only book with reputable wholesalers, not individual owners. There are several advantages I have found in dealing with wholesalers; the condominiums always include maid service, they’re fully insured, you only need a small deposit to book, cancellation policies are more liberal and they are run by management companies which have more control over the inventories at the properties.

Kauai is a magical place and an island in which you can experience serenity and get away from every day hustle and bustle.