Surf Season In Hawaii and Bike/ Bus Options

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The winter Hawaii surf season, which runs from approximately November through March, is where you can expect the largest swells of all year… in particular, large swells from the North, West and North-West are common on the North Shore. Swells will normally be around 6-12 feet, with bigger swells pushing 30 feet at times! This is when the pro-surfers come out to play and the North and West sides of the Hawaii Islands really liven up, especially The North Shore, Oahu.

The north Pacific, receives large ocean swell from extra-tropical storms that track predominantly eastward from origins in the northwest Pacific. The north Pacific storminess reaches a peak in the boreal winter, as the Aleutian low intensifies and the north Pacific high moves southward. The strong winds associated with these storms produce large swell events, which can travel for thousands of miles until reaching the shores of Hawai‘i.

This is one of the busiest times of the year as everybody is out surfing or watching the surfers. It is also the winter season elsewhere, which brings even more people in during this season.