All inclusive Hawaii explained

Many customers are asking about all-inclusive packages for Hawaii. While there are no all-inclusive resorts in the islands we have put together some all-inclusive packages which cover just about everything you need for your trip. We discussed the differences between all-inclusive packages in Hawaii and other destinations that advertise these kinds of packages. Hawaii does not have all-inclusive resorts is important to understand the difference between an all-inclusive package and all-inclusive resort.

Hyatt hotels in Hawaii is in the news. They announced they’re going to be purchasing a 33-year-old hotel in Waikiki which they plan to renovate and rebrand. Plans are underway for 18 month renovation which will include completely redesigning the guest rooms and all the public spaces.

If you have to spend time at the Honolulu international Airport, the waitress got a little easier. Airport officials announced that beginning this month there will be free Internet access at the airport including all of the restaurants, concourses and gate area.