Is a time share sales pitch worth sitting through to save money on a Hawaii Vacation?

A podcast listener asked a great question today about whether it’s worth it to sit through a timeshare sales pitch to get a great deal on the Hawaii vacation. I’m a travel agent so course I am a bit biased about a question like this however, here is my reasoning for not recommending people go for the timeshare pitch. First of all you’re supposed to be on vacation. The people offering this great deal also know there’s a high likelihood that you will actually purchase a timeshare from them. Whether you go for it or not the whole decision will be heavy on your mind the entire time you should really be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

A big shout out to our Facebook friend Will K. who has a question about how to help his folks who are visiting from the mainland and would take a trip to heal old for a day to see the volcano. They don’t want to rent a car and are looking for a tour that’s only for a half a day so they can see a friend while they’re there on the island. Unfortunately there are no shorter tours but they can rent a car which would probably make a lot more sense and also save them some money.