Is the concierge REALLY a concierge in Hawaii?

It’s Aloha Friday so that means we answer questions from podcast listeners and give shout outs.

We give a big shout out to Sher who posted a comment on our Facebook page about how much fun she had on her trip to Hawaii. She thanks our agent Abby for putting everything together for her. We discussed her trip and talk about a few excerpts from the blog which she created especially for her trip to Hawaii. We also give some advice to a person who booked us via Twitter, @AnthonyQuintano. Anthony and his wife narrowed down a couple of properties they thought they would enjoy using one of the popular OTA’s and asked me for some advice. I was able to tweak his itinerary a little bit so that he would enjoy much better property for just a few dollars more. I talk about how to do this and offer some advice to listeners.

Finally, we talk about a question from a customer who is actually here on the island of Oahu. He had become increasingly uncomfortable with using the concierge services located in the lobby of his hotel. He observed that the concierge really didn’t seem like the concierge and that they were trying to promote only certain tourers that it was obvious they were getting a profit from. He called and asked for some advice. We discussed the difference between a real concierge and the hotel activity desks that you find in most of the lobbies of the hotels in Hawaii.

With the exception of a few high-end hotels most of the hotels have activity desks and not concierge. The activity desks is usually purchased by activity company or vendor who sells many of the activities that are located here in the islands. They are not going to give you the full picture on the activities because obviously they make money from the activities they sell to their customers. That’s why it’s always best to speak to somebody here in the islands who really understand this place.