Where to Stay on Maui

People ask us all the time where the good beaches are in Hawaii. On the island of Oahu there’s a great beach that’s off the beaten path that tourists don’t frequent as much called Bellows Beach. This is located on the southeastern side of the island in Waimanalo. It’s an amazing stretch of white sand beach and is the perfect location for a picnic or group outing. Unfortunately, it’s only open on the weekends because it’s actually an Air Force Base and used for amphibious training and other exercises. Many presidents have stayed here when visiting Oahu and active military personnel can rent cabins and use the property for vacations. It’s a very safe beach for swimming and it’s a perfect place to learn to do boogie boarding.

Trying to figure out where to stay on Maui? Today I gave a quick primer for various geographic locations that you can stay on the island. I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these locations and discuss how you can save money by booking condos. In general I like the west side of Maui at best it will be Lahaina town and a lot of activities has a lot more action. I also usually advise us if they behave because the same price you could actually stay on the west side which in my opinion is more preferable.

We also go over Hawaii Vacation packages that have been booked in the last 24 to 48 hours which gives us an opportunity to take new customers for their business and also the agents that put them. It’s also a chance for you to get an idea of what things are costing for Hawaii we do this on every podcast so if you’re trying to get an idea of how much vacation to the islands would cost, that’s a great segment to listen to. Go to sleep.