Episode #417 – Malasada and Manapua Favorite Hawaii Treats

Whenever there is a party in Hawaii people love to bring Hawaii’s favorite foods to share. Today was one of those days at our office so I decided to share two popular favorites with podcast listeners and viewers. We talk about (and eat live) a Manapua which is bbq’d pork filled into steamed and a Malasada; a which is like a doughnut without a hole. The ones we eat today were made fresh from Leonard’s bakery, the best place to get this popular dessert.

We answer a couple of questions today from podcast listeners. Chis is coming to Hawaii for his honeymoon and is a big fan of Duane Chapman “Dog the Bounty Hunter” We offer him some advice on how he might meet him while in Hawaii. We also answer a question from Michelle who wants to the best way to mange her time while in Maui. We offer some suggestions about how to navigate around the island.
Hawaii hotels were nearly three-fourths full this past week, while room rates varied by location, according to Smith Travel Research and Hospitality Advisors.

The average statewide occupancy rate was 74 percent for the week ending Oct. 23, up 3.5 percentage points from the same week last year. Oahu had the highest occupancy rate for the week at 81.8 percent, 0.9 percentage points lower than the same week a year ago. Maui had the highest percentage point increase over last year — 14.1 points for an occupancy rate of 72.5 percent. Kauai had a 64.3 percent occupancy rate for the week, up 4 percentage points from last year, and the Big Island had a 55.3 percent occupancy rate, 0.3 percentage points higher than a year ago The statewide average room rate was 0.4 percent higher than last year at $168.20, with some islands seeing lower rates and others seeing higher rates than the previous year. Maui saw a 3.7 percent decrease from the same week last year for a rate of $194.66, and Kauai saw a 3.2 percent decrease for a rate of $183.58. The Big Island saw the largest increase from a year ago — 5.2 percent for a rate of $169.02, and Oahu saw an 0.6 percent increase for a rate of $154.98.
The weekly hotel report is based on a daily hotel survey of approximately 100 properties representing 39,364 rooms, which account for 68.6 percent of Hawaii’s total hotel rooms for properties with 20 units or more.