Food Truck phenomenon comes to Oahu

Many people ask us about food choices in Hawaii because the perception is that food here is very expensive. We’ve talked about affordable dining choices on previous shows but today we talk about the food truck phenomenon which is taking off all over the country. Oahu is no stranger to food trucks, for years shrimp trucks on the North Shore have been very popular and lucrative. Giovanni’s shrimp truck is world-famous and became so profitable the owners ended up taking each other to court. Over the last couple of years several specialty food trucks have been popping up around the islands. You might want to consider checking some of these out while you’re on your Hawaii vacation and turning it into a picnic lunch.

This weekend we had a chance to check out a new food truck here in Honolulu called Melt. This truck specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and offers several varieties to choose from including the popular Harissa Melt, which is made with Gouda cheese, Pear and Harissa sauce on rye bread. They have several specialty sandwiches with the grilled cheese theme.

This is a list of a few others which we have been told are worth checking out and if you want to keep up with where they’re located check out this website and also follow them on twitter @streetgrindz

  • Steve’s Korean chicken out in Pearl City
  • Blue Water Shrimp Truck
  • Jamican Jerk Chiken
  • Haili’s Hawaiian Foods
  • Gogi Korean Taco Truck
  • Cafe Truck
  • Gee…A Deli on Wheels
  • Soul Patrol
  • Tacos Vicente

We also talk about the Pacific Aviation Museum today. Often overlooked for the Pearl Harbor monument tour this Museum is a must see. Located on Ford Island near the Battleship Missouri this site is the location which was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941 which was the beginning of World War II. The museum is continually adding new exhibits and opening up new hangars which display historic aircraft. For example the F-14 tomcat can now be seen which Tom Cruise flew in the movie Top Gun. You’ll also find a real-life flight simulator with retired pilots available on staff to teach you how to fly. The Pacific aviation Museum is open 9 AM to 5 PM daily and is accessed by shuttles from the USS Arizona Memorial visitor Center. For more information visit